Mastering your time with personal kanban

A shiftN Academy course

Coming to grips with the grand challenges and opportunities of our time starts with us, individual citizens, becoming more empowered and free to shape our own fate. The way in which we manage our key scarce resource — time — is absolutely crucial in enhancing our own effectiveness. However, when it comes to time, we seem to be locked into hopelessly primitive technology: to-do lists, and crude schemata to prioritize tasks. In this course we weave elements of personal kanban, deep work and time surfing approaches into a much more powerful and sophisticated way of making the most of this precious resource. The training offers insights into these strategies and includes a personal coaching process to blend them into something that works for you. The result is an unerring compass to a more effective and fulfilling life.


  • Time, the critical variable.
  • The first layer: Anchoring.
  • The second layer: Visualising, with Personal Kanban.
  • The third layer: Routinising, with Deep Work.
  • The fourth layer: Ritualising, with Time Surfing.
Course language English or Dutch
Course level Introductory. No prior knowledge required
For whom Anyone who wants to get out of ‘to do list’ tunnel vision and adopt a freer and more creative way to manage time.
By whom Philippe Vandenbroeck, co-founder of shiftN, and developer of the approach
Format 2 full days, with attendees starting up their own Personal Kanban in between.
Dates to be confirmed
Location Tweeperenboom, Winksele, Belgium
Price Launch offer: For the 2018 session we offer a 20% discount on the base price of 800 euro, excl. of VAT. Net price for 2017: 640 euro, excl. of VAT (includes meals, refreshments and course materials).
Further reading Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry. Personal Kanban. Mapping Work. Navigating Life. 2011


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