Mood wheels for future scenarios

May 2019 Approach - Futures

by Tom Braes

"Scenarios are basically stories about how the future might unfold. They help in understanding the uncertainty that goes with an open future. They can act as launching pads for action and experimentation. In environments riddled by conflict they provide a safe space for dialogue"

In my book about future-proofing elderly care organisations, I developed 4 scenarios based on a selection of prominent and emerging trends. For some (organisations) scenarios still feel unfamiliar or difficult to read/grasp. Since visuals can enhance stories, I 'crafted' a mood wheel for each scenario.

Those mood wheels make it easy to spot which trends are "covered" or dominant in a scenario. At the same time, the "emotional charge" of the trends is visualised by using colours. The weight of the trends is further illustrated by the colour intensity. It's a simple and simplified "snapshot" of the direction in which trends evolve in a specific scenario and of their possible impact on the trajectory of an organisation.

If you would like to limit your own ‘messing-about-curve’, use the mood wheel for your own trends and scenarios: message/mail/connect. I am happy to email you the editable AI/Illustrator format.