Supporting non-profit organisations in their strategy review: lessons learned

May 2021 Approach - Futures Systems Organisation

Over the years shiftN has coached several non-profit organizations in their strategy review process. During the coaching process we help our clients to work through questions of existential importance. At stake is their long-term viability. Eager to understand the longer-term impact of these interventions, we engaged in informal evaluations with representatives of organizations some time after our strategy projects with them had been concluded.

This piece was written in 2017 by shiftN colleague Kris Ooms, with feedback and editorial support from myself. It reviews a series of strategy assignments in which both of us were involved in the 2012–2016 interval. Our approach to supporting strategic conversations in client organisations is constantly evolving. However, this piece still meaningfully captures the spirit of our work.

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok from Pexels