King Baudouin Foundation
Randy Mellaerts
Philippe Vandenbroeck

A more impactful oncological research system


Multiple actors (universities, knowledge institutes, patient organizations and even for-profit companies) are involved in this type of research that is funded by public authorities or philanthropic organisations.'Non-commercial' oncological research can be roughly defined as research that does not directly lead to a financial revenue stream. In Belgium, a range of factors hamper the impact of this research. 
The starting point of this reflection aims to answer the following question: ‘How can we ensure that cancer patients have rapid and affordable access to the results of evidence-based, publicly and philanthropically funded studies to improve their life expectancy and quality of life?’


In response to the Foundation's brief we designed a 1-year long multi-stakeholder process in two phases. A first phase was focused on systemically mapping the barriers to generating patient value. This formed the basis for the design of a blueprint for ahigh-performance, patient-value driven research model. All in all, this assignment resulted in

  • a clear, communicable problem definition,
  • a connecting sense of urgency and
  • a shared vison on the design of a novel and purpose-driven value creation model for all stakeholders involved.


This is the first phase of a longer-term effort to align actors in the Belgian and also European oncological research arena to work tirelessly and transparently for more patient value.