Vlaams Overlegplatform Duurzame Ontwikkeling (VODO) Associations 21
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Philippe Vandenbroeck

A more sustainable world


In June 2011, the Federal Parliament launched the preparation of a long-term vision for sustainable development, which was to inform a Royal Decree. The coordination was carried out by the Federal Public Service for Sustainable Development (PODDO). PODDO asked two civil society platforms, VODO and Associations 21, to offer a contribution from civil society to the long-term vision of sustainable development. shiftN was asked to help develop this 2050 vision. Time frame and budget were limited. 


We relied on a mix of design and systems thinking concepts to create a short, intensive trajectory of three workshops. The sessions focused on identifying foundational principles, visualising daily life in a sustainable society and on elaborating a transition path towards the desired future. Our client took care of the final report to save resources.


"Telescope: a view of a sustainable society in 2050" was submitted to the Federal Public Service for Sustainable Development and subsequently used, amongst inputs of other stakeholders, to inform a Royal Decree, published in July 2013, that anchors the federal policy on sustainable development. The government approved 55 objectives describing the desired situation by 2030 in 2013.