Health & Wellbeing
Philippe Vandenbroeck

Collaborative scenario project: Nutrition & Health 2020

In 2003 shiftN initiated a collaborative foresight project focused on understanding how the future relationship between food and health might look like and what implications this might have for citizen-consumers, regulators and businesses.

Two interactive scenario workshops brought together 20 representatives from different stakeholder groups: the food (ingredient), agricultural, pharmaceutical, insurance, retail, catering and consumer electronics industries, consumer organisations, the medical profession, academic experts in food technology and consumer behaviour and a development NGO.

The result three scenarios – Minipoly, Magic Pill and Marshealth Plan – describe different ways in which the nutrition & health trend might impact on society and what new opportunities for societal and economic value creation this might entail.

The Nutrition & Health 2020 project initiated, conceived and facilitated by shiftN, in partnership with Bio-Sense. It was financially supported by Acatris BV, Bedrijfschap Horeca & Catering Nederland, Danisco and Philips Electronics BV. The dissemination of the scenarios was made possible by a grant from the King Baudouin Foundation (Brussels, Belgium).

This collaborative scenario project also acted as a precursor to an ambitious Open Innovation Lab piloted by shiftN and Philips Design (2005-6).