Cystic Fibrosis Europe
Health & Wellbeing
Philippe Vandenbroeck

Strenghtening the voice of cystic fibrosis patients in Europe


CFE (Cystic Fibrosis Europe) is a European platform of national patient organizations for people who are suffering from cystic fibrosis. Since its establishment in 2003, CFE has grown in terms of number of member organizations, ambitions and activities. As a result the strategic, organizational and governance capabilities of CFE grew out of sync with the needs and desires of its members and the patients they represent.


In 2014, shiftN was approached to facilitate a strategic reflection. Since then we have been coaching CFE on and off in their ambition to grow as an organization and to strengthen the voice of all European patients. The process included:

_A strategic reflection starting with a diagnosis of the challenges and resulting in a sharpened mission and vision statement as well as a concrete and visual description of how to achieve this.

_Facilitation of a Board meeting with the aim to translate the above strategic framework (mission, vision, main activities) into a more operational action plan including ideas to tackle the financing issues of CFE.

_Coaching of the CFE coordinator resulting in a more detailed operational action plan.

_Coaching the CFE Board and CFE coordinator towards “good governance” including a diagnosis of areas to improve and support to implement these.


The process has resulted in a clear strategic direction for CFE and a plan to achieve it. This triggered more funding from external stakeholders and a higher engagement from its members, allowing the organization to grow in size and activities thus creating more value for its members and more importantly its patients.  Finally, the focus on good governance is resulting in a further professionalization of CFE, a crucial enabler to effectively achieve its strategic objectives.