Marta Szulc

Systemic design coach

Reason for being here?

Passion for making a systemic impact, systemic change and a deep interest in everything that evolves around systems thinking and practicing systemic design. I am here to provide different perspectives and helping others to see the world differently, using all senses. Putting my heart, head, and hand to work.

Finest hour?

When I trigger others to think differently and when I ignite people to action. Sharing energy and moving minds and people around is what makes me thrive.

Greatest inspiration?

It comes to form the most trivial and at the same time most unexpected places. I love being inspired by common, almost unnoticeable things – daily routines, cycling a bike, pop culture movie, interesting book. Greatest metaphors for life can be found literally everywhere.

Burning wish?

I wish people and the world around us would slow down, turn more inwards, feeling less pressure and more freedom. I wish people would see the interconnectedness of the world through systems thinking, concentrating less on self, and more on the systems we all live in.  

People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.