About shiftN

Our mission

shiftN is a strategy consultancy committed to supporting leaders and pioneers in the societal transition to a more equitable and resilient society. Our 25-year track record has led to a unique and finely honed set of skills: futures and systems thinking, organisational design, and change management. Our interventions are designed to create clarity in complexity and unlock people’s agency. We want to contribute to a world in which people and organisations are empowered agents of positive change, exercise foresight, can see and act on a picture of the whole, and create value for themselves and their broader communities.

Our vision

We believe that we are living through an extraordinary interval in the history of humanity. Growing inequality and the overstepping of planetary boundaries are confronting us with a unique set of challenges. In the next few decades, we have to embrace new mindsets, skills, practices and solutions to push humanity on a more benign path of development. shiftN wants to contribute energetically to that more equitable and sustainable future.

Who we are

shiftN operates as a community-of-practice. Our team includes mature and flexible professionals for whom shiftN is a vehicle for personal development through ‘good work’, rewarding relationships and the opportunity to contribute constructively to our society’s gravest challenges. We go the last mile to create compelling deliverables and a stimulating learning environment for our colleagues, partners and clients.

We invite you to get in touch with the shiftN team.