Moderately trained cyclists
Dutch or English
For Whom
Professionals with a passion for the bike, looking for a wider self-awareness, a healthier body and stress-resistant spirit.
By Whom
Karel Pardaens (BacktoBasicsinSports), Randy Mellaerts (SenseCycling/shiftN), Philippe Vandenbroeck (SenseCycling/shiftN)


A coaching program for leaders and changemakers In search of balance and performance

On demand

This is a small-group coaching trajectory in preparation for a one day 300 km cycle ride, in partnership with SenseCycling and BacktoBasicsinSports. The aim is to use this challenge as a springboard to a broader self-awareness, a deeper insight in the strength of one's own body and spirit and to cultivate professional skills for the working in an increasingly complex changing and evolving environment. Customised programs are possible. The program's finale is a supported 300 km ride in a relaxed setting. 

Please consult our Academy brochure for more information. 


  • Time management
  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Ultra skills
  • Discovery
  • Future thinking

This program is organised on demand, as from 6 registered participants.