No prerequisite knowledge required but an interest in the sustainability agenda is recommended.
The app is English spoken.
For Whom
Teams and small groups who wants to gain a fresh and revitalising perspective on change processes.
By Whom
Merel Claes, consultant at shiftN.

Deep Time Walk

Experience a long-term perspective on global change and global challenges

On demand

A Deep Time Walk is a 4.6 km walk that takes you through the full history of Planet Earth. Every meter corresponds to 1 million years. As the walk unfolds one is led through the successive stages of the emergence of life on earth, culminating in the appearance of hominids. A Deep Time Walk is a powerful experience that alerts us to the complexities and beauty of life on our fragile home.

The Deep Time Walk was developed to support training programs at Schumacher College in the UK. Recently an English-spoken app was developed that allows anyone to take part in this half-day adventure. The engaging narrative combines both a scientist and a layman perspective and is accessible to a wide audience.

We offer guided Deep Time Walks as an opportunity for teams and small groups (up to 12 people) to gain a long term perspective on global change and global challenges facing us. The walk can be done as a standalone activity or complemented with a short workshop to consolidate learnings. We offer walks at different rural and quiet locations. Alternative routes can be developed at request.