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For Whom
Concerned citizens with an appetite for resistance practice and philosophical ideas
By Whom
Henk Oosterling

Workshop: Resistance in Times of Ecopanic

Understand your own resistance practice in conversation with philosopher Henk Oosterling

Our times seem to ask for drastic change. At a personal level we often seem to feel powerless in the face of the massive forces that keep our societies from moving towards sustainability and equity. In this workshop philosopher-activist Henk Oosterling offers a nuanced perspective on how to live through these challenging times as a responsible and caring individual. We will first learn to think about 'resistance' in a different way. Then we will map our own current and future resistance practice by means of an actionable framework. Finally we will be able to understand our position against the background of humanity's broader condition in the Anthropocene.

This workshop offers an exciting opportunity to step out of the blogosphere blather, absorb vital new ideas and translate these into guidance for personal action. There will be time for reading, personal reflection, conversation and contact with nature. The spirit of this workshop is very informal.

Participation fee: 225 euro, incl. of VAT (but excluding 100 euro food and accomodation (based on 2 nights accomdation), to be settled on site)