Our project database is the best starting point to understand what we have to offer. 

Our assignments vary in scope and complexity. Much of our work consists of designing customised interventions, mixing desktop and field research, expert consultations and stakeholder workshops, and producing deliverables in written or visual form. Projects range from short term (say, a month) to long term (a year, or more). But we are also available for lightweight, ad hoc interventions. We can act as coach, sounding board, expert, or troubleshooter to provide short term relief in strategic or organisational issues. 

We are used to work with technical experts and mixed groups of stakeholders in a wide range of decision areas. Health care, energy, agriculture and food, arts and culture, materials management and circular economy are some of our sectorial points of gravity.  

Our clients are large and small civil society organisations, healthcare providers, international NGOs, private companies, universities, local to national governments, and transnational institutions. We have worked in 40 countries worldwide. However, we try to match an international presence with a modest environmental footprint.