Systemic Design Toolkit

The need to tackle increasingly complex projects pushed Namahn and shiftN to collaborate on a Systemic Design toolkit. Later the team was joined by Peter Jones (Systemic Design Association) and Alex Ryan (MaRS Discovery District). The toolkit was officially launched at the RSD7 Systemic Design Conference in Turin, October of 2018. The Systemic Design Toolkit brings together a set of systems and design thinking tools to support a coherent, but flexible and collaborative process to understand complex problems and design more viable alternatives. There is dedicated website where templates for the tools can be freely downloaded. Training and coaching services are available too.  

OVAM Sustainable Innovation System Toolkit

In partnership with design studio Pars Pro Toto, shiftN developed a Sustainable Innovation Toolkit for the Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM).

The SIS Toolkit is an instrument to help designers, design managers, business strategists and entrepreneurs develop more sustainable products, services and business models. The OVAM SIS Toolkit invites users to imagine how their products and services might create different kinds of value for their customers and stakeholders. 

Customised Serious Games

shiftN and design studio Pars Pro Toto have been jointly developing award winning customised learning games to support exciting and effective learning experiences.  Our serious games have been developed from scratch to optimally reflect the client’s culture, language, technology and business model. They are rich and fun experiences that focus on self motivation, self-assessment and peer communication. Target groups range from XS to XXL, at all levels of the organisation. 

We’ve built games to help budding venture capitalists to come to grips with the finer points of their business cycle, to help tens of thousands of employees of a global company to reflect their company values, to help pharmaceutical research scientists develop more effective experimentation strategies, to help new employees to get to know the breadth of the business and company policies in a playful way, ...