Flemish Waste Management Agency
Philippe Vandenbroeck
Witold Vandenbroeck

A more vibrant culture of soil stewardship


For several years the Flemish Waste Management Authority (OVAM) has been investing in an action research program on soil and land stewardship. 

The overall aim of the investigation is to explore novel policy and practice approaches to combat emerging forms of soil contamination. Soil & Land Stewardship is seen as a promising springboard for new ideas and novel practices of soil care.


shiftN has been involved in this exploration from the program's inception. We supported OVAM in an initial round of reflection with international experts. We subsequently assisted in the development of a set of scenarios on the future of soil and land stewardship. Later we also conceptualised a Soil & Land Stewardship White Canvas intended to help people navigate and explore the layered soil stewardship ecosystem. Recently we concluded an exploration of how OVAM might host a soil-based experiential learning trajectory. 


The exploration has resulted in a better conceptual grasp of the stewardship practice, a growing network of partners, experts and stakeholders, and a range of ideas about how soil stewardship might be operationalised as a policy instrument.

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