King Baudouin Foundation
Health & Wellbeing
Susanne Op de Beeck
Randy Mellaerts
Philippe Vandenbroeck

Goal-oriented care as driver of healthcare system transition


Goal-oriented care is a young care concept that is growing in popularity in Belgium. Besides goal-oriented care, however, there are many other concepts within care and welfare that have been emerging in recent years and which are mixed in the discourse about health system transition. Think of integrated care, community-oriented care, population-oriented care, health literacy, self-management, etc. The question that was asked is what this deluge of new concepts means and how they relate to goal-oriented care. This question was asked in the run-up to a symposium on goal-oriented care organised by the King Baudouin Foundation, more specifically the Fund Dr. Daniël De Coninck, together with the ‘Vlaams Instituut voor de Eerste Lijn’ (VIVEL), the ‘Academie voor de Eerste Lijn’ and Be.Hive.


To tackle this reflective assignment, shiftN developed an iterative process in which we started by asking participants from the hosting partners to indicate which concepts from care and well-being they believe are related to goal-oriented care. We then organised a session divided into two workshops (one French-speaking and one Dutch-speaking). Key features of the different concepts were sought. In the French-speaking workshop via a variant on the 'Niche discovery' methodology (Jones & Van Ael, 2022). In the Dutch-speaking workshop via storytelling. The second workshop (Dutch-speaking and French-speaking group together) built on insights from the first workshops where common language was created through working with the different emerging dimensions.


The outcome of this assignment was presented at the Goal-oriented care symposium on 17 November 2022. Frameworks were provided that invite to discuss this transition together, to stimulate reflection and to continue building the way forward together.

< Image: Yosef Futsum via Unsplash