Santiago Ortiz

Data Scientist

Reason for being here

Being part of fantastic team, facing complex and wicked challenges, using my interactive and algorithmic approaches to data, in combination with the qualitative and humanistic methodologies that characterise shiftN.

Finest hour

My favourite professional reward is when I know that something very innovative and experimental I built, or collaborated creating, works. An by that I mean people (awfully called “users” in the context of products and digital environments), use something that’s quite new to them, quite non-conventional, and yet they learn it and perform tasks, or discover patterns or insights… and they go back to it because they liked it and found it useful. This might require a certain type of “users”, driven by curiosity and experimentation and not just expecting to solve a specific problem in a familiar way. But it also requires that you and your team as creators, developers, data scientists and product designers, did a lot of things very well, because human interaction is tremendously complex and uncertain!

Greatest inspiration

Systems themselves, specially biological, are my main source of inspiration. Intelligence and collaboration emerge, in one way or another, in almost any system that evolves in time. When creating artificial dynamic systems, which involve flows of information, interaction and knowledge, Nature is the grand master!

Burning wish

That I get to see in my life time a real phase transition towards a sustainable economy, a transition that can only start at the citizen level, with a strong change in motivations and sense of responsibility. This could be triggered by fear, because bad things start happen in ways that make very evident they are being caused by us, or by a sense of opportunity and readiness, because we understand it’s possible, not extremely difficult (if we all collaborate) and that is a better goal to pursuit.

“It is only in interactions that nature draws the world” -- Carlo Rovelli